『君の膵臓をたべたい』小説版のタイトルは、英語だと”I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”となっています。そのままですね。


映画のほうでは”Let Me Eat Your Pancreas”というタイトルになっていました。






Kamran Sikandar(2019年1月10日にレビュー・英国)
★5:Introvert meets extrovert student. Sad rollercoaster ride.

After watching its anime movie counterpart i quickly bought the novel in hopes of experiencing the story again but in a more in-depth fashion.
It met and exceeded my expectations.
Would definetly recommend to people who have/not seen the movie.
Its a very sad story so please keep a box of tissues. The title can only be understood by reading/watching the novel or movie. So dont mix up the genre!!



★5:Best Slice of life, I’ve read so far!

The book was awesome.
Wanted to purchase it for a long time.
The Author really tried to put the emotions of characters and it was perfect, loved it more than movie.
Brook’s condition was nice (not perfect) and it was delivered in time.


Lara Kostyra(2020年2月4日にレビュー・ドイツ)
★4つ: Cute book

It is a very sad and cute story. A great book.
It got 4 stars because the cover has been damaged a bit.
All in one no problems.







Alejandra Hernandez(2020年5月11日にレビュー・アメリカ合衆国)
★5: I want to eat your pancreas.

A sad but charming story that you should not miss. If you already saw the film and you liked it, the manga will surely fascinate you. It is a book so realistic that you can not help but empathize with the characters and the situation they live in the story. It leaves you with a feeling that everyone has ever experienced.




★2: Forgettable Storytelling

I’m a fan of slice of life stories, but this story just didn’t cut it. If you’re looking for something that will tug at your heartstrings, make you reflect on your youth or just wonder about life questions, this might not do that for you. A few problems I had with it:

Weak characters – The male protagonist is somewhat of a bore; he doesn’t really have any qualities that make him memorable or likeable. You don’t even find out his name until the end, and I know that’s supposed to be part of the story’s impact, but it fell flat for me. The main female protagonist was just overly bossy in an immature way. Their “friendship” (if you could call it that) was really not based on anything that would really hold that long in real life, and as I reader, I had to really suspend my disbelief and go along with it even though I felt like main male was spineless and the main female was manipulative in this “friendship.”

Poor message – The female lead makes some really bad jokes about suicide that were rather tasteless. I get it, it’s a comic and there is such thing as dark comedy and making light of dark situations, but her jokes were just “off” in timing and didn’t strike me as realistically something people would say in that’s situation.

What did I like? I suppose the art was nice and the idea of the storyline was nice, but the execution left much to be desired. Perhaps marketing is to blame for the higher expectations than the book itself could actually deliver.

Overall, I would not recommend this read unless you have some money to spare and time to pass. There are better slice of life to read out there.





Letterboxdでのreview 平均★3.6 いいね!の数2143


Review by faticidio ★★★★★

The amount of tears I shed during the last 30 minutes is indescribable to the point that when I finished it, I had to watch the last 20 minutes all over again because my eyes were so full of tears I couldn’t see a thing. It’s beautiful and heart-breaking, but what I really loved about it is that it was realistic. I think that it’ll take some time to recover from this one. It’s the type of movie to not only give you emotional pain, but also physical.



★★ Watched by Omnia 02 Sep, 2020

Unbearable mediocrity



Letterboxdでのreview 平均★3.4 いいね!の数294


★★★★★ Watched by charly 28 May, 2020

this was one of the saddest movies i’ve watched i cried like a little baby… i really wanted them to see the cherry blossoms together 🙁



07 May, 2020 4

I tried my best to finish the film, I swear… but the INTJ in me could not handle each and every scene involving the unbearably annoying dying girl. I could not sympathize with her character – I mean, she’s selfish & she talks too much.

Takumi Kitamura and Shun Oguri (despite his limited screen time) shine in their respective role, though. if I eventually decide to finish the film, they might be the only cause.













海外での “slice of life”「日常系」ジャンルに置いて、日本の漫画やアニメはとても人気があるようでした。



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